Press Release May 18th, 2016 Tire Medic Brands™

It has been brought to TIRE MEDIC BRANDS® attention that Noorez Devraj of Lyna Manufacturing located in N. Vancouver, British Columbia has been sending out mass emails slandering and trying to discredit Tire Medic Brands® Products. and its principles. Mr. Noreez Devarji had approached a principle of a family trust in March of 2015 to invest money into Lyna manufacturing. This family trust is the sole owner of Tire Medic Brands™. Tire Medic is a registered trademark and copyright in the USA, Canada and four other countries.

Through the investment transaction with Noorez Devraj Tire Medic Brands acquire the brand name Tire Lina. Our investment was not limited to cash infusion but also investing in marketing with large sums of money, buying chemicals and supplies and hosting trade shows only to find out that Noorez Devrai is not a reputable business man. After a very few short months of investing with Mr. Noorez Devarji Tire Medic Brands® quickly identified that they had invested with a company that his sole intention was to not promote good ethical business practices.

Mr Noreez Davarji made a comment to one of Trustee’s that no legal litigation could be taken against him or his company because; he manufactured his products in Canada. And could not be touched for his wrong doings due to international status. We found this to be very disturbing along with other comments made by Noreez Davarji. And immediately cease all operations and business dealing with Lyna Manufacturing and Mr. Noorez Davarji.

Our attorneys the Gordon Law Group of Nashville TN has sent Noorez Devraj a cease and desist order that Tire Medic Brands are not associated with Tire Lyna. And to immediately stop slandering Tire Medic Brands® and it’s principle. However Mr. Noreez Devarji is going on his theory of hiding behind the international Canadian curtain to allude civil prosecution. On many occasions Noorez Devraj has made claims about the Tire Lyna’s products that has proven to be false in nature. His product has in fact many flaws that are harmful to the commercial tire industry. Including but not limited to clotting, separation, solidification, and break down of chemical components.

We have brought the major problems of Lyna Manufacturing products to Noorez Devraj attention for several months and Mr. Noorez Davarji refuses to accept any responsibility to claims or actions of these products that his company, Lyna Manufacturing produces. We urge anyone that has Tire Lyna products in their tires to break down the tire and check the validity of the tire sealant after usage for problems and malfunction of the Chemical properties in Lyna tire sealants. He also markets his faulty products under several different names.

Tire Medic Brands® are the manufacturer of quality tire sealant’s and private label for many reputable company’s. Our goal is produce the highest quality of products and to insure 100% customer satisfaction.

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