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Tested in the Labs
bullet Promote a more positive company image
bullet Provide an endless supply of casing inventory for you and your retread tire dealers
bullet Improve employee morale
bullet Result in significant fuel savings
bullet Eliminate downtime from minor tire damage
bullet Deliver on time every time
bullet Result in significant maintenance and tire operating savings
bullet Improve customer relationships
bullet Directly improve your bottom line
Tested in the Labs
bullet Tire Durability & Integrity Test (Test #PN93599)
Improved inflation pressure with TCC products
Improved lower casing hardness with TCC products
Improved inner tensile strength with TCC products
bullet Chamber Test (Test # PN94504)
TCC products do not support combustion.
bullet GC/MC Test (ENTNB5-24-1)
TCC products do not support combustion and will not cause a fire in the retread chamber
Tire Casing Buy Back

We guarantee to buy back rejected casings for any brand of tire of your choice.

Now that's confidence!

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trusted in Real World
"...We were checking the air pressure on “A” pm and “B” pm checks, we have discovered that the air pressure was so consistent being the right pressure, we only check the air pressure on the “B” pm check.."

Jack Yingling Kephart Trucking, Bigler, PA

"The tire maintenance manager Raul was surprised to find out that the tires with Tire Lyna did not heat as much as the ones that did not have Tire Lyna… He expects to incorporate Tire Lyna as a stocking product at the mine, in order to use it in all their off road and mining tires."



trusted in Real World
bullet Canadian Manufacturer Tire Lyna Comes to the Colorado Fire Rescue
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bullet Tire Lyna Saves Mesilla Valley Transportation $50,000 a Month
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bullet Tire Lyna® Now One of the Fastest Growing Trends in Tire Maintenance
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